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One Meatless Meal A Week

Meat is one of the most common dietary elements in many homes across the U.S.. However, it comes with some negative health effects that can be avoided by regulating the weekly consumption rate. According to dietary studies, there are many health benefits of having one meatless meal a week, rather than making it a regular […]

Kids & Healthy Foods

Getting kids to eat healthy is a task all of its own. It seems that eating anything green is against the kiddie religion. There is no known scientific reason as to why kids refuse to eat vegetables or any other type of food that has even the slightest healthy benefit; it’s just one of those […]

Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Kids today have so many different positive and negative stimuli influencing them. Parents and teachers can’t be everywhere all the time. They can only hope to have done their parts in showing kids the right paths to take in life. One of these right paths is healthy eating habits, and getting kids to eat healthier […]